Before the month is over..


Before saying goodbye to Confederate History Month, I just wanted to add another post to remind my Southron readers of the need to remember and honor our heritage and our forefathers and kinsmen who were part of that tragic part of our history.

It’s easy to begin to think of our forebears in an abstract way, not thinking of them as distinct individuals with real stories, as flesh-and-blood people, our own kin.

So I personally like to remember my Confederate kinsmen by name and place, and by what I do know of their part in the War. I’ve done this in the past on the old blog, and so I will do the same once again.

Here are the kinsmen whose names and memory I would like to honor. This is by no means a complete list.

Benjamin Farrar Eddins
He was commanding officer of Co. F, 41st Alabama, captured at Murfreesboro, TN, and held prisoner of war until exchanged. He participated in the battle of Chickamauga. He left service to care for his family, but raised a unit to defend the city of Tuscaloosa in the last days of the war. During Coxton’s Raid,which resulted in the burning of the University of Alabama, he was mortally wounded on April 3, and died seven days later.

Zadoc Mitchell Holloway
Killed at Shiloh

Marion Lafayette Nobles
Co. K; 1 (Colquitt’s) Ark. Inf.; Pvt/Sgt
died 22 Jul 1864 – place unknown

Milton Franklin Nobles (Capt.)
Civil War Service in Company K; 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment; CSA:

Leonard Valentine Nobles
Enl 14 Feb 1862 at Dewitt, AR. Captured 1 Sep 1864 near Jonesboro, GA and exchanged 19-22 Sep 1864 at Rough & Ready, GA. Paroled 28 May 1865 at Greensboro, NC as a member of the 1st AR Consolidated Inf.

William M. Aten
Served in the Confederate Army: 18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry C.S.A.,   Lafayette Parish LA

John Henry Mitchell II
Co. I, Martins Reg. Texas Cavalry, CSA Military Service 1861 Texas

Lewis Summerfield Scruggs

15th MS Infantry, promoted to Captain, Co. B, 17th MS Infantry,
Major, Featherstone Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia

Joseph Howell ‘Jobe’ Scruggs
Served Virginia Enlisted C Co. 44th Inf Reg. VA discharged on December 18, 1861

Samuel Gross Scruggs
Company B, Forty-fifth Tennessee Confederate Infantry

John Allen Barksdale
Died in battle in the CSA, Spottsylvania, VA, 8 Apr 1864

Miles A. Dillard, Lt. Col. – 9th Texas Infantry (Maxey’s)

Henry Lawson Wyatt, first Confederate soldier to be killed in battle

(Note: there is a monument featuring Henry Lawson Wyatt; will it be allowed to stand or pulled down by the PC thought police?)

Colonel James Read Branch – led ”Branch’s Battery” which was called one of the most effective artillery companies in the Army of Northern Virginia, General Ransom’s Division. Colonel Branch (then Captain Branch) was credited with heroic action in the Battle of Malvern Hill, when he, singlehandedly, with his two guns held twenty-four Union Army guns in check for an hour.
Later, in another battle he was severely wounded and his leg broken in three places,which left him permanently disabled.