Secession for some, not others

I see that some Oregonians are talking of their state seceding after the Trump victory. Typical childish tantrum-throwing, sulking and ‘threats’ from the overgrown infants called ‘progressives.’

I thought it was bad enough during the G.W. Bush years, but the left has grown ‘progressively’ more unhinged with each passing year.

Why not let Oregon and California, likewise, go if they no longer want to be part of these United States? If a majority of Oregonians want to secede I believe (as did my ancestors) that they have a right to do so. After all, in a purportedly free country, how can we keep people in the Union by coercion or force?

However it appears that most of Oregon, comprising the rural areas mainly, voted Republican in this election; this Christian Trejbal quoted in the piece is evidently not typical of Oregon residents, though he may delude himself that he is. After all he probably associates only with other ‘progressives’ and lives in a bubble in one of the liberal enclaves: a big city or an academic town.

As for California, as it is now well on the way to becoming a majority Mexican state, maybe there is a case for that state to secede, based on majority sentiment. Some people have been saying for years that we should throw California to the Mexican government and in return they might stop sending their rejects and criminals across our border. I doubt California would be enough to satisfy them; if they could conquer it demographically, by stealth over the years, they can do the same with other states. Why facilitate the takeover? And if the border with Mexico was moved north, why on earth would Mexicans or other Latin Americans respect that border any more than they have respected the current border?

If California became part of Mexico, we would have to get serious about enforcing the immigration laws, and stop leaving the doors wide open for anyone and everyone to come sauntering in. But the thing that exasperates me most about this secession talk is that the media treats the Oregon and California threats as reasonable, while any talk from the South of secession meets with scorn. Even among conservatives online, many Northerners want to re-fight the War Between the States, throwing around words like ‘treason’ when any Southern state or state mentions seceding.

Why the double standard? Many Northerners want to play the role of a control-freak spouse, saying ‘if you leave, I’ll hunt you down and kill you. You can never leave..’ Half a million people died in the War Between the States because, dammit, the South had no right to break up the Holy Sacred Union. They had to be crushed, subdued, and humbled — even to this day, with the destruction of our monuments, the banning of our flag, and even the exhuming of our heroes. So let the northern states who want their ‘progressive multicult utopias leave, and let them live with the consequences of their actions. No sneaking back into our country, no restoration of citizenship. Or maybe if they begged to re-enter the Union they would have to undergo Reconstruction as their ancestors inflicted on the South. It would be fitting.

Independence, yes; secession, no?


The above meme was apparently from Tumblr, but I found it here.

The point it makes is obvious, and it was on my mind the other day, in the midst of the annual Independence Day hoopla. This year I confess I wasn’t feeling very festive about celebrating our evanescent ‘freedoms’, and I was also feeling the irony of so many comments on various blogs, condemning the idea of secession as ‘treasonous’ or at best, wrongheaded.

The point has been made by many people that our forefathers’ decision to declare independence from the British crown was secession, regardless of whether it was labeled as such. Our forefathers were subjects of Great Britain and they chose unilaterally to remove themselves from that political body and to become an independent, sovereign people.

Somehow, though, by 1863, the powers-that-be in this new nation ‘of, by, and for the people’ discovered a new principle: that for a constituent state of the Union to depart peacefully was ‘treason’ and that it must be punished by armed invasion and open warfare on the people who were, the day before, fellow Americans and who were stil kinsmen.

And the dogmatic, rigid Unionists of today, most of them Northerners, still insist that the South committed treason and that they had to be brought back into subjection by armed force — and taught a harsh lesson under the Orwellian-named Reconstruction.

To add more irony to irony, many of the same ‘conservative’ Americans who cheered the Brexit result, and applauded our British cousins for choosing to leave, rejected talk of ‘Texit’ or any secession movements in this country.

And ‘we’ think only liberals are a bundle of contradictions.