Will this story be ignored too?

When this story came out in 2012, I was surprised that it received so very little comment from any quarter of the media, or the blogosphere. There was a deafening silence, curiously, from people who concentrate almost exclusively on the notorious ‘JQ.’

Now I could understand that if some obscure fly-by-night group was behind the study reported in that 2013 article. But the fact was that it was Johns Hopkins University , a respected institution, which did the study. And still there was little acknowledgement of the conclusions.

The fact that the Jewish media or the ‘community’ didn’t acknowledge it is not surprising, considering that they have publicly denied the early theories about Jewish genetics, as when Jewish writer Arthur Koestler wrote about the ‘Khazar’ hypothesis some decades back. The Jewish claim to a homeland in the Middle East hinges on the belief that they are THE Israelites of the Bible, so it makes sense that they would reject any idea of mixed/non-Middle Eastern origins of today’s Jews.

But why are people who are very critical of Jews and their role in Western society avoiding the discussion? Now, they have one more such report to pointedly ignore:

“Persian Jews converted Turks to Judaism to create the rump of what would become today’s Jewish population, DNA research has revealed.

The fascinating insight, which shows that most Ashkenazi Jews descend from Turkey, was made possible by state-of-the-art computer modelling and genetic techniques.”

It would seem that those who discuss the ‘Jewish Question’ would find this interesting and perhaps even helpful. I’ve often wondered why they don’t like to consider the viewpoint supported by these studies.

What comes to my mind is that many of those who decry the role played by Jews in the assault on Western civilization and our people also point a finger of blame at Christianity. This viewpoint claims that Christianity (per Nietzsche, I believe) is an “alien desert religion” not fit for us, or that it is a variation of Judaism meant to weaken and subvert the West. Those who believe that Judaism and Christianity are some kind of conjoined twins are, of course, very misinformed, but in some cases I don’t know if they honestly believe what they say or if they just want to take down Christianity along with Judaism. Many of these people are self-styled ‘pagans’ or heathens or outright atheists, people with longstanding resentments against Christianity as a religion that teaches restraint (which they find repellent) and holiness. And today’s hedonists abhor that kind of religion, choosing a make-it-up-as-you-go ”religion” of ‘do what thou wilt’, such as New Age or heathenism.

As long as this faction of people can attack Christianity by saying it is a “Jew religion”  they have to keep insisting that the people known as Jews today are one and the same with the people of the Bible — and incidentally, check your Bible to see how far you have to read to even encounter the word ‘Jews’ or ‘Jewish’. The word is not even there until 2 Kings, 16: 6. That’s quite a long time to wait for the word to be used.

In the meantime, a lot of people with differing agendas have an interest in keeping people confused and misinformed about this whole subject. So as long as these varying factions of people are ignoring this subject it will continue to perpetuate confusion.

But suppose what we’ve ”known” for all these years has been mistaken?

Some on ‘our’ side want the confusion to remain; they need to conflate Judaism with Christianity and to be able to discredit Christianity that way. They need to have Christianity associated with The Jews. Today’s uninformed Christians have also been led astray by ignorant preachers and ‘leaders’ who think there is something called ‘Judeo-Christian values’ which unites us to Jews and Judaism. The fact that our fathers and grandfathers knew of no such thing doesn’t deter them from believing it.

Those Jews who actively work against Christianity find it useful to associate Christians with themselves, paradoxically, knowing that those who oppose them will unwittingly (or even wittingly)  help their cause in opposing Christianity at the same time. Christianity becomes a target by association.

It’s time we were able to look at this subject honestly, but given the PC hierarchy, this subject is still radioactive. And yet truth should never be off limits.