More generational warfare

A thread discussing millennial female Christians ends up (surprise, surprise) with more than a few commenters taking gratuitous shots at the evil boomers. Whatever would people do without boomers to blame?

And the millennials have more defenders on that thread than boomers.

One commenter’s words: (but I am sure he is just joking, you see…)

“It may be unfair to some boomers”

There is no such thing as being unfair to boomers. In fact, being ‘unfair’ to them is a very good way to be actually fair with them.

Too bad nooses have gone out of style, because in a just world, we’d need millions.

I don’t know, maybe I’ve been too subtle and circumspect.

Every. Single. Boomer. Should. Be. Burned. Alive.

Huh, I feel better already.

I’ve read too many comments expressing what seems to be genuine loathing of boomers for me to laugh it off as wry humor. A lot of real feelings are camouflaged in the form of bitter humor.

The anti-boomer contingent never seems to acknowledge facts such as:

The largest voting bloc by age group that did not vote for the present regime in the last two presidential elections was boomers.

The largest group of voters, by age group, that voted FOR the present regime in  those same elections were millennials, with each age cohort voting more conservative with age.

Boomers are more conservative on racial issues — which, by the way, are supposed to be more relevant to alt-righters than others — than each successive generation. The younger, the more liberal. Boomers and the remnant of the even older generations are much more likely to oppose intermarriage (miscegeny), with the Gen Xers and millennials ever more liberal with each generation.



Boomers are more negative on immigration, and likely to be immigration restrictionists, than are the younger generations, all of them, from Gen X on down.

By the way, the Brexit supporters were heavily skewed towards the older generations, boomers and older. Once they die, if the powers-that-be can delay another vote on it, the referendum will surely fail. The ruling classes know this, hence their delay on implementing the exit from the EU pending a future re-vote. The British millennials were having their own boomer bash-fest after the Brexit vote. And yet most elder-bashing American alt-righters  incongruously favor Brexit, though it was boomers and the older age groups that made the yes vote possible.

The fact that exceptions exist does not nullify the rule. Come on, don’t alt-righters cite that fact whenever someone tries to argue that ‘Not All [Minorities] Are Like That’? Then don’t try to argue that because you know of a millennial or two who is ‘Alt-right’ that the generalities are false. That dog won’t hunt.

I know a couple of millennials who vote Republican but who are politically correct and especially liberal on racial matters (mixing and intermarriage is good! Immigration is fine as long as the immigrants work hard and don’t blow us up.)

As to my statements about statistics on voting patterns across generations, and about attitudes based on polls and surveys, I’ve posted those links here before, and they can be found by those open-minded and curious enough to look it up. So I should not have to do the homework myself by posting links again, though I did provide links again above.  But by all means, don’t let facts or data interfere with your bias.

This generational war stuff is counterproductive. Why alienate a group that is on your side far more than the younger ones? No doubt some will say I am keeping it going on my side — still everybody is entitled to a defense, and nobody else is stepping up to say anything, so I take it on myself to do so. But I would love to stop writing about this issue, and unless the anti-boomers are willing to call a truce I probably will write about it again, if only because facts need to be mentioned, not merely feelings, which is all the other side has to go on.

As far as the boomers go, their many critics should be popping the champagne corks as boomers are dying every day. Be happy; you are getting your wish to be free of them, though I suspect many critics have boomer parents.  Daddy issues, anyone? But no doubt your world will be much improved when that generation dies off altogether, as you will then be living in a much more ‘diverse’ (read: nonwhite) nation, with voters who are on the average far more left-wing once the boomers’ votes are subtracted. That world will no doubt be superior. Right?

Like it or not, the older generations (boomers and the few ‘Greatests’ and ‘Silent Generation’ members) are the only living link to America as it once was, the real America, the (possibly) dead and gone America. Older people should be valued if only as they are the last living witnesses of what once was good and great about this country. Once the people remaining are people who never lived in the ‘real America’, and know it only from biased history books and unreliable popular culture (movies and TV) then there is little chance of ever restoring the best of what America used to be.

I often regret that I didn’t sit down with my elders, my grandparents and great-aunts and uncles, to learn all that I could about the world they grew up in. When we are young we don’t value these things enough. My elders were repositories of so much knowledge and information that is gone now, with their passing.

For those who are Christians, there is the commandment to ‘honor your father and your mother’. Today’s Christians have the deplorable habit of interpreting each commandment in the most narrow and literal way possible, so that honoring one’s father and mother means only the two people who conceived and gave you life, not the prior generations, or our elders generally. In the past, this commandment was taken as implying a wider application. The Book of Proverbs also has a few things to say about honoring age. Our culture, besotted with Youth, does the opposite; glorifies teens and 20-somethings and devalues old folk. But go ahead and despise the older folk and blame them for all that you haven’t done to save our world. You too will be old and despised in your turn, given the attitudes of the younger ones. What goes around, comes around, or as the Gen Xers and millennials say, ‘Karma’ will  catch up with you.

Millennials favor reparations

A new study shows that the ‘millennial’ generation is most likely of all generational cohorts to favor slavery reparations for blacks.


“Americans over age 69 say by an 80-12 margin that reparations should not be paid to those related to slaves. 

Baby boomers between ages 51-69 are similar, with a 79-17 per cent margin against reparations.

The numbers start changing when it comes to Generation Xers, with Americans between the ages of 35-50 breaking 73 per cent to 25 per cent against reparations.

The biggest shift comes with millennials, with a majority — 51 per cent — saying that reparations should be paid or they were unsure of whether reparations should be paid. 

Forty per cent of millennials were in favor of reparations and 11 per cent were unsure, compared with the 49 per cent of the millennials questioned who said reparations should not be paid to slave descendants.”

Not surprising to those of us who are familiar with millennials and their social and political views. This will, however, prove very disappointing to those (and they are legion) who blame the baby boomer generation (those born 1945-1960, roughly) for everything that is wrong with America and the West. But not to worry; they won’t let it deter them from continuing to blame the boomers. They should take heart; the boomers are on the way out; most are nearing their ‘threescore-and-ten’, or a little past that. Donald Trump himself is a boomer, lest some of us forget. He is seventy. But I am sure that boomers will continue to be blamed when they are six feet under.

Generational blaming aside, the discussions of this article online have elicited the usual dismal, depressing responses: blaming others (“the British crown introduced slavery to the colonies” or ”the Dutch brought the slaves here”) or the old excuse that ”I had no ancestors here before the Civil War”. And then there’s the shameful victimhood pleas: “my ancestors were enslaved by the Brits” or ‘The English starved my ancestors out of Ireland, where’s my reparations?” What’s the thinking behind those ‘arguments’? I’m a bigger victim than you? Where’s our self-respect?

The other thing that disturbs me about some of these all-too-common responses is the lack of solidarity amongst White people. So many want to claim personal innocence, shifting the blame by default to those whose ancestors were here before the War Between the States, or making the South assume all blame even though the North did have slavery. Another defense that I find repugnant is that of Northerners who brag that their Union Army ancestors ‘helped free the slaves, so do I get credit?’ or ‘My great-great-grandfather died fighting for the Union; I should get reparations.’ I realize many Northerners thought their role was the patriotic one, but the fact that they think half a million deaths were a reasonable price to pay to preserve some kind of coerced abstract Union is disturbing to me.  The fact that Northerners, most of whom had little personal experience of blacks, would kill their own ethnic/national kinsmen for the sake of ‘equality’ is incomprehensible to me.

And since that Northern viewpoint ‘won’ the war now we have generations who have been utterly mind-conditioned to put the interests of every other people ahead of those of their own kinsmen, their own flesh and blood.

I promise you, when the Boomers are gone, along with the last remnants of the ‘Silent Generation’, this country will, by their absence, move even farther to the Left than it already is. Especially with tens of millions of Others being seeded and planted in what was our Fathers’ country.